African Laser, Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences Network

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Why LAM Network ?

The Physics of Lasers Atoms and Molecules is now experiencing a prodigious expansion. It concerns an open and fertile field of research which is likely to make major scientific and technological breakthroughs. Moreover, the applications of lasers cover very diverse fields such as medicine, agriculture, optical communications, conservation of environment, industry, etc.

Objectives of the LAM Network

In May 1991, the first International Workshop on the Physics and Modern Applications of Lasers was held at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar with the participation of more than 50 physicists from many African countries.

The purpose of the Network is to promote the physics of lasers, atoms and molecules, and their applications, as well as to develop scientific cooperation in these fields in Africa.

Group Photo: January 2010 Dakar, LAM Delegates with the President of Senegal

Abdoulaye WADE

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