Why LAM Network

The Physics of Lasers Atoms and Molecules is now experiencing a prodigious expansion. It concerns an open and fertile field of research which is likely to make major scientific and technological breakthroughs. Moreover, the applications of lasers cover very diverse fields such as medicine, agriculture, optical communications, conservation of environment, industry, etc.

These field of application of lasers are very important for the development of countries that have to cope with the urgent need of finding appropriate solutions to their problems related to higher education, health, agriculture production, and communication issues to these problems our countries are faced with are within our scope, provided that our universities and research institutions are endowed with new and appropriate structures (laboratories and training units) which can undertake high level research projects to fulfill such developmental objectives.

This is why we though it is advisable to set up a network at African scale on the Physics of Lasers, Atoms, Molecules and their applications which meet development requirements involving universities and research institutions of our continent.

An operating network in Laser, Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences will contribute very much in showing the place and interest of physics and applications of lasers in the reinforcement and development of scientific and technical training capabilities of African universities and in the establishment of development-oriented research. In addition, it will not only enable university members and researchers working in the field of Laser, Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Sciences to break scientific isolation of universities and research structures in Africa, but also it will emphasize the development of cooperation between those structures. This is the new challenge that African scientists have to take up.